Jason Statham Tracks Down A Killer In 'Blitz'

Jason StathamConfession time! I regard every Jason Statham movie as a special treasure, perfect for those awkward Sunday nights when you need something quick and violent to pop into the DVD player. He's the closest thing we've got to the glorious days of 1980s action machismo, and whenever he nabs a new part, I'm counting down the days to the theatrical release.

Happily, there's a new one to put on my calender! Variety reports that Statham is set to take the lead in "Blitz," a thriller directed by Elliott Lester ("Love is the Drug").

Written by Nathan Parker ("Moon") and set in London (my favorite city -- Jason, you shouldn't have), "Blitz" follows a serial killer who is targeting police officers. Naturally, the only man who can take him down is Statham, the tough, uncompromising cop who gets the case. I'm sure he'll follow that grand tradition of loose cannon movie cops who refuse to play by the rules and embrace the occasional ass-kicking.

Paddy Considine ("The Bourne Ultimatum") will play Statham's partner. If you've seen "Dead Man's Shoes" you know Considine can give Statham a run for his badass money.

The film begins shooting in London this August, and marks the first collaboration between Statham and Lionsgate U.K since "The Bank Job" in 2008.

Will you be lining up for Jason Statham and "Blitz" with me? Or did Statham lose his goodwill with you after "Death Race 2000"?