Paramount Wants To Play With 'Max Steel'

Max SteelParamount has decided it wants to continue being a Toys 'R Us kid by bringing yet another Mattel toy to the big screen. Variety reports that the studio loves playing with their G.I. Joes so much that they've decided to bring another Mattel action figure to the big screen: daredevil Max Steel.

Steel is a 19 year old extreme sports star who becomes fused with nano technology that turns him into a superhuman. He uses his enhanced strength, speed, cloaking power and invisibility to battle shadowy terrorist figures.

Steel started life as a Mattel action figure, arriving on store shelves in 1999. He eventually graduated to a CGI animated cartoon show in 2000, which ran for two years. He continues to be popular in Latin America thanks to direct-to-DVD features, and is still the number one action figure sold there.

Mattel is hoping that a feature film will relaunch the toy in the United States, similar to what Hasbro and Paramount have done with "Transformers." With that goal in mind, the studio has recruited Joe Roth to act as a producer, and develop the project.

Roth caught Paramount's eye thanks to the success of his "xXx" franchise, which stars a very Steel-like character in Xander Cage (Vin Diesel). They're currently seeking a screenwriter and a director... and the perfect, spiky-haired fellow to infect with those nanobots of course.

Are you a fan of Max Steel? Do you want to see him come to the big screen, or is this toy-into-movie trend getting old? Are there any toys you actually want to see as a movie?