Mel Gibson Wears 'The Beaver' For Jodie Foster

Mel GibsonWhat a strange and winding road films take! When I first reported on "The Beaver" it was a blurb on Steve Carell's pre-production slate. The story of a depressed man and his beaver puppet seemed like a natural fit for the actor, who often veers into tragi-comedy in his movie and television roles.

The plot thickened when Jim Carrey expressed interest. In addition, rumors put Jodie Foster behind the camera. We've now reached "stranger in a strange land" territory, as Mel Gibson appears to be stepping into the leading role.

According to Variety, Mel Gibson will star in "The Beaver" with Jodie Foster performing double duty as director and costar. Gibson will play a man struggling with depression who finds solace in his beaver puppet, which he treats as a real person. Foster plays his wife, who will undoubtedly have a few issues with this inanimate third wheel in their marriage.

Kyle Killen's script has been a hot commodity, eyed by everyone and drawing comparisons to "Lars and the Real Girl" and to the films of Charlie Kaufman. It would be difficult to find a meatier project for Foster and Gibson to reunite on -- they previously starred together in "Maverick" -- and will undoubtedly help in the buzz department for both.

While Foster's acting career has remained strong and steady, she hasn't directed a film since 1995's "Home for the Holidays." "Beaver" is a prime opportunity for her to remind everyone of just how talented she is behind the camera.

Gibson has kept a low profile since his controversial actions in 2006. He has returned to the public eye with a vengeance lately and is clearly hoping for a comeback. Will "The Beaver" prove to be the boost both actors are looking for?

What do you think of Mel Gibson's and Jodie Foster's involvement in "The Beaver"? What do you think of the story? Are you eager for a Gibson comeback?

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