A Giant 'Star Wars' Laser Cannon Blasts Into Today's eBay Prop-Watch

Star WarsOkay, I know that this makes two "Star Wars"-centric eBay Prop-Watch posts in a single week, but this thing is so badass that I just couldn't resist. For starters, it's a real, live prop from the best of the series: "Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back." It's also a very large thing. The sort of item that your jealous friends can't possibly miss.

A couple of caveats though. First: it's expensive. Like $10,000+ expensive. There's also no mention of any certificate of authenticity. You'll just have to trust the source, The Prop Store of London. So if you've got plenty of cash to spare and a love for "Star Wars" -- or if you just want to see a really cool, potentially real prop -- click yourself past the jump.

This fine piece of non-functional equipment is a laser cannon ripped off the side of an apparently full-sized snowspeeder. If you need a refresher, snowspeeders are the aircraft used to bring down the Empire's hulking AT-AT walkers during the Battle of Hoth (the snow planet). You know... this thing:

The cannon measures a whopping 99" (eight and a quarter feet) in length. This puppy obviously never took to the air or fired its payload -- that would be silly -- but it was a component on one of the life-sized ships in the background of the rebel hangar on Hoth. I can't afford it, though I can't help but gawk at it.

Bad. Ass.