Will Smith And Francis Lawrence Reunite For 'The City That Sailed'

Will SmithThere's no adventure too big or too small for Will Smith to tackle, no journey too epic for him to take onscreen. The moment a film with a title like "The City That Sailed" is announced, you probably think "Oh yeah, that'll probably star Will Smith. He could sail an entire city." And you would be right! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith is attached to star in the fantastical drama, and the film may reunite him with director Francis Lawrence ("I Am Legend").

Written by Andrew Niccol ("Lord of War"), the story focuses on a New York street magician and his young daughter. The two are separated thanks to unhappy family circumstances, and the daughter moves to England. One day while exploring a lighthouse she discovers a room filled with magic candles on which she wishes, birthday party-style, to be reunited with her father. The bond between them is so strong that her wish causes the entire island of Manhattan to break away, and float to England. The magical candles probably have something to do with it too.

Neither Smith nor Lawrence are firmly attached to the project, but the "I Am Legend" director is developing the film at Smith's Overbrook Films. Smith currently has a few projects on his plate, including the controversial remake of "Oldboy" and a biopic of Hurricane Katrina hero John Keller.

The actor is taking his time to choose his "Seven Pounds" follow-up thanks to a little something called "The Karate Kid." Variety notes that he's currently focused on producing the film, and enjoying filming on location in China with his son Jaden. After all, why should Smith race to sail with a city when he's already in a location as fantastic as China?

Do you think this film sounds like a good fit for Will Smith and Francis Lawrence? Is there another project you'd rather see the actor choose?