'Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil' Flips Horror With Alan Tudyk And Tyler Labine

Alan TudykIf I were to tell you production has just begun on a film called “Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil,” your first question would probably be what is that? Followed shortly thereafter by why should you care? Fortunately, there are some very good answers to both.

“Tucker and Dale” is a comedy that spoofs the horror genre, hopefully bringing something fresh to the barren, lifeless landscape left in the wake of increasingly derivative "Scary Movie" entries. Director Eli Craig takes the helm for the first time since his critically acclaimed “The Tao of Pong.”

The plot: two sweet hillbillies, Tucker and Dale ("Dollhouse"'s Alan Tudyk and “Reaper”'s Tyler Labine), are staying at their “summer house,” a dilapidated old cabin by a lake. While there, they save the life of a gorgeous college student ("30 Rock" star Katrina Bowden). Through a series of misunderstandings, Tucker and Dale are thought to be two psychotic killers by some college guys also staying by the lake, and violent, bloody carnage ensues.

How bloody? the Calgary Herald reports one person dies every eight minutes of the film, and the film’s unofficial tagline is “A perfect love story, except for the minor woodchipper incident.” If you figure that "Tucker and Dale" trots out with a 90 minute runtime, that's a body count of 11 1/4. The fraction must be where that woodchipper comes in.

If you're dubious, remember that the plot of the now-classic “Shaun of the Dead” was just as questionable. What's more, stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were relative unknowns at the time, much like Tudyk and Labine now. "Shaun" turned out to be a smash hit, with Pegg and Frost still flying high from that and subsequent collaborations. The same could certainly happen with Tudyk and Labine; based on the brief description, their Tucker and Dale characters drip with franchising opportunities.

The structure of the upcoming horror spoof's title also brings to mind another as-yet-unproduced but equally awesome horror-comedy film: "Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse."

Maybe if Craig's comedy has some box office success, “Jay and Seth” can become its unofficial sequel? Regardless, production on “Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil” has begun. So start getting excited.

Are you ready for "Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil"? Do you intend to see it? Skip it?