Tyrese Gibson: Movie Star, Musician... Comic Book Mastermind?

Tyrese GibsonFROM SPLASH PAGE: Tyrese Gibson is a busy dude these days, between his record-breaking blockbuster “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” maintaining his multi-platinum selling music career, and dropping his face into a new field these days: comic books. When we caught up with the stocky star recently, he was eager to talk about teaming up with comics legend Todd McFarlane and the Image Comics team to publish “Mayhem!” next month.

“He’s a gun-slinging vigilante who seeks refuge from the basement of a church,” Tyrese said of the comics’ main character, who resembles the actor/singer/model in more ways than one. “He’s like a modern-day Robin Hood, who wants to take from the bad and give it back to the good and do whatever he can do to make life better in L.A.”

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