'MacGruber' Blasting His Way To The Big Screen

Will ForteMove over MacGuyer... here comes MacGruber! Variety reports that Will Forte's bumbling spy is on his way to the big screen like so many "Saturday Night Live" characters before him. Expect considerably bigger explosions, more gum wrappers and deeper personal issues in this outing.

If you've never seen the "SNL" sketch and you can't figure out the joke purely from the character's name, allow me to recap. MacGruber (played by Forte) is a spoof of 1980s TV action hero MacGuyver, whose ability to get out of tight spots using common household items as bombs, weapons or lockpicks made him a legend. Unfortunately, MacGruber lacks those skills, or he is too distracted by his personal troubles to put them to use. Every skit ends with the character and his assistants dying in an explosion, only to be resurrected the following week.

Forte is scripting the film along with "SNL" alums John Solomon and Jorma Taccone, who will also direct. Kristen Wiig will be reprising her role as MacGruber's imperiled assistant Vicki.

While the plot is being kept under tight wraps, the project has already attracted interest from the likes of Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer. Surely an appearance by Richard Dean Anderson, the one and only MacGuyver, is in the cards? After all, one MacGruber sketch revealed the elder TV action hero to be his absentee father, a plot point that is just begging to be explored further.

With the film shooting next month, expect wave after wave of casting cameos to be announced... or at least rumored. In the meantime, can you pass me rubber band?

Do you think "MacGruber" will break the poor SNL movie record? Could it be another "Wayne's World"? Or is it doomed to be another "Superstar," something better left to sketch comedy territory?