'Star Wars' Lets Out A Yowl In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

ChewbaccaWelcome back to eBay Prop-Watch! I hope you'll all forgive my absence at the end of last week. While eBay is always popping with cool movie-related crap to buy, someone needs to be here to actually write it up. Not that today's selection needs any real introduction.

"Star Wars" is one of those franchises that is particularly well-suited to pleasing prop collectors. For those who are willing to shell out often-considerable amounts of cash, there's a lot out there to be had. The item I selected for today's eBay Prop-Watch actually falls on the cheaper side of real-deal "Star Wars" props, though the "cool" factor renders it absolutely priceless as far as I am concerned. If I hadn't just moved, you can bet I'd buy this one without a second's thought.


It's... Chewie's FUR!!! Sure, it's only a few strands. But those few strands were on the costume worn by Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew! I wonder if we could use Science in some way to clone a real-life Chewie out of this fur. Preposterous? Absolutely. Worth a shot anyway? Damn straight it is.

The fur comes packed inside a specially designed display case which also contains a color photo of the lovable walking carpet. Also included is a signed letter from Stuart Freeborn, guaranteeing the authenticity of the item and describing its history. The Buy It Now price of $169 certainly seems high, but it's actually quite small in the grand scheme of "Star Wars" prop opportunities. Proceeds from the Chewie fur sales go to Cancer Research UK at Freeborn's request.

If anyone wants to buy this for me, feel free. I am not ashamed to accept "Star Wars"-related gifts in these troubled economic times. Forget the collector's value... I want a Chewbacca clone to help out around the office dammit!