Nimrod Antal Directing Robert Rodriguez's 'Predators' Reboot

Naturally, Robert Rodriguez's "Predator" relaunch has been the focus of speculation ever since it was announced this past spring. With the "Grindhouse" director keeping purely to a producing role, speculation has been rampant as to who would take the director's chair. Neil Marshall ("Doomsday") was attached earlier this month, and the possibility that the gore-happy director would tackle the franchise was one that caused rejoicing all over the Internet. But Marshall and Predator are not to be. Instead, Ain't It Cool News has the news straight from Rodriguez that Nimrod Antal will be helming "Predators."

Antal isn't as widely known as Marshall, but he has the fine "Kontroll" and "Vacancy" under his belt, and "Armored" hitting theaters this December. He's shown a talent for tight, terrifying films so far, and is widely buzzed to be The Next Big Name if only he could get a project with a nice, big budget.

"Predators" could be just the thing to make his career.

Rodriguez is certainly full of praise for his new best friend: "I found him to be an outstanding presence, a great communicator full of ideas, and upon meeting him you can immediately understand how he is able to wrangle cast and crew and get the best out of everyone ... He reminded me of Quentin with how he was able to work with a group of very strong, singular actor talents and make it look effortless. I know he'll be able to get the most out of what we want to be an outstanding cast. We really want to go with a character driven action movie, because that's what we all remember about the original 'Predator,' and we want to take it even further with this."

But from the sound of it, the film will be just as much Rodriguez as Antal. It has been a passion project since Rodriguez wrote a treatment for it back in 1994, and when approached by Fox to reinvent the franchise, the producer / director made sure he could bring it home to his Troublemaker Films studio in order to oversee it better. Though he won't be in the director's chair, he promises that he'll be right behind it. "I'll be taking a more upfront role as a producer than would normally be the case in Hollywood." The pressure is on! Good luck, you guys. After "AvP," you're going to need it!

Readers, what do you think of Nimrod Antal getting the job? Would you have preferred Neil Marshall? Another director altogether? Or should they be steering clear of redoing "Predator" at all?