'Heroes' Star Hayden Panettiere Teases Season Four's Carnival

Hayden PanettiereThough season four of NBC’s “Heroes” won’t start for a few more months, Hayden Panettiere told MTV News that there’s a new mysterious group that fans can look forward to in September: The Carnival.

Panettierre, who plays the title role in July 10th’s “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, is already preparing for more adventures as super-powered cheerleader Claire Bennet.

“The next season of ‘Heroes’ has a lot of characters that are coming in,” says Panettierre, “There’s something called The Carnival... which is kind of the opposite of what The Company was. There’s a lot of new, cool characters.”

The Carnival, judging from leaked casting sheets that appeared on “Heroes” fansites will be represented literally. That means barkers, freaks and –- mostly likely -– more than a fair share of cotton candy. (spoiler warning there)

In the meantime, “Heroes” fans should be getting a healthy dose of their favorites actors on the big screen. Between Zachary Quinto in “Star Trek”, Ali Larter in “Obsessed”, Milo Ventimiglia in “Gamer” and Panettierre in “Beth Cooper,” there’s no shortage of the core cast in Hollywood's overlapping circle. It does, however, lead one to ask when we’re going to get a decent Masi Oka vehicle blockbuster. Oh wait, we are.

What do you make of this mysterious Carnival? What direction do you want “Heroes” to go in its fourth year? Share your ideas below!