Public Enemies Of Hollywood: Celebs In Need Of An Image Makeover

Tom CruiseEven us film geeks at MTV Movies Blog must admit that there are times when we experience cognitive dissonance between our favorite actors and the characters they portray. Sometimes, an actor capable of delivering a beautiful performance can come off as something very different when thrust in the public eye. In other words, even the most talented performers can suffer from some severe image problems.

Need some examples? Here are five Hollywood personalities whose work we adore, but who could use a bit of a makeover when it comes to their public persona. Remember guys, we're saying this because we love you. Here's some unsolicited advice for a few of our favorite bad boys (and girls). Just a note that those awesome pictures after the jump are the work of MTV's talented associate producer/photoshop ninja/silent assassin Sohyung Kang. If you'd like to see them in their full-size glory, make sure to check out our "Hollywood's Public Enemies" flipbook!


Offense: Getting angry -- really angry -- and consequently dropping a f***-ton of F-bombs on unwitting production officials. Really angry.

Cost of Reparation: Signing up for an anger management program or two (three?) would likely do him some good, but a word of caution to instructors: do not step in his light.

Situations to Avoid: Bright lights, water, feeding after dark and "Terminator Salvation" sets. And uncomfortable interviews.


Offense: Exchanging rapidly flourishing acting career for increasingly suspect rapping career.

Cost of Reparation: Just come home, Joaquin. Just come home. Hollywood loves and misses you. But, uh... could you cut your hair, first? Maybe shave the beard?

Situations to Avoid: Concerts, late night talk shows and extraordinarily uncomfortable interviews.


Offense: Driving under the influence, other assorted recklessness motivated by the pressures of celebrity.

Cost of Reparation: Maybe staying out of the party scene wouldn't be such a bad call, LiLo. Take some time to rediscover your acting roots. Remember "Parent Trap"? "Freaky Friday"? Ah, those were the good ol' days. You've got the stuff, Lindsay. We believe in you!

Situations to Avoid: Night clubs, motor vehicles, jail cells, court dates, rehabilitation centers, rinse and repeat.


Offense: Random acts of drunken shenanigans, particularly during altercations with law enforcement officials and interviews with foreign media.

Cost of Reparation: Lay off the sauce, keep that mouth shut in public and stick to making awesome films like "Braveheart." Also, just buckle down and do "Lethal Weapon 5" already, would'ja?! Despite Danny Glover's constant statements to the contrary, you are not too old for this s--t!

Situations to Avoid: Two words: open bars.


Offense: Dangerous amounts of self-assuredness that includes questionable medical expertise and an equally questionable American accent in Nazi war film "Valkyrie," but unquestionable taste in women. (We love you, Katie.)

Cost of Reparation: Amazing self-parodying turn as Les Grossman in "Tropic Thunder" aside, Cruise could certainly stand to take himself less seriously. Really, this isn't funny to you? C'mon!

Situations to Avoid: Couches, Oprah, South Park, anywhere within shouting distance of Brooke Shields or Matt Lauer.

Who else in Hollywood could stand to undergo a public image makeover?