Watching The 'Watchmen' In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

WatchmenI've been feeding you readers a pretty constant stream of overly expensive (or sometimes just questionable) items in my daily eBay Prop-Watch postings. Today I'm veering off in a little bit of a different direction: the selection is affordable and very clearly not a prop. It is a cool, fan-serving little piece of ephemera though.

Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" is not a terrific adaptation of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel. It is far better than a lot of people gave it credit for, but the plot becomes unhinged towards the end thanks to the liberal changes made to the story. It's impressive really, how the alterations maintain a surprising level of narrative accuracy while completely abandoning the tone and themes in Moore's original. That said, "Watchmen" is a beautiful film, and an exceedingly entertaining viewing experience for a spectacle junkie like me.


This Minutemen photo is one example of Snyder's focus on creating a visually faithful adaptation of Dave Gibbons' artwork. It is an impressive reproduction of the image that appeared in the original comic, one that perfectly captures the tone of the carefree pre-Keene Act days in "Watchmen"'s alternate universe.

The auction item is clearly marked as a "reproduction," though it is printed "on glossy, high grade quality photo paper." With a Buy It Now price of $10, it could make a pretty cool addition to the wall of a hardcore "Watchmen" fan. Especially if you're excited about the coming director's cut home video release of the film. Here's a look at the image from the original comic, in case you're interested: