Spike Lee Masterpiece 'Do The Right Thing' Celebrates 20th Anniversary

It took the great Samuel L. Jackson reassuming his Señor Love Daddy moniker for just a moment on the red carpet to capture the vibe in the air for the 20th anniversary screening of "Do The Right Thing" on Monday night (June 29). "It's a pretty stupendous, awesome, hot day," said the surprise attendee to the celebration. "And it's going to be a hot night, so let's all listen to some cool sounds and enjoy the renown of the major movie of its time, 'Do the Right Thing'! Waaaake Up!"

Not that the crowd assembled wasn't awake to begin with. After all, there are few films so incendiary in their time, so revered in the years that came after, so brutally funny, honest and raw. Cast and crew came out in force for the celebration of "Do the Right Thing," newly released on June 30 in a special Blu-ray edition DVD. There was John Turturro, then a green young actor, refusing to acknowledge the passage of time. "I deny it! It's not been 20 years!"