EXCLUSIVE: Mike Judge Brings 'Extract' To Comic-Con

Mike Judge's 'Extract'

I have big news to share for you Mike Judge fans out there. The man who gave us "Office Space" will be sitting down with MTV's Josh Horowitz at San Diego Comic-Con on July 25. Judge's next project "Extract" will be the topic of the day, and he will be joined by stars Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis and Kristen Wiig. Judge will be screening exclusive footage from the upcoming film as part of the panel.

Those of you who won't be making the trip to San Diego can take heart, as MTV.com will premiere exclusive "Extract" footage to coincide with the Comic-Con panel. Expect plenty of laughs at the panel though. Judge, in a recent interview with MTV, expects "a lot of smart ass answers from the actors. [The 'Extract' cast and crew is] a happy bunch. We all really had fun making this. It came together nicely."

"Right after I'd done 'Office Space' [in 1999], I started writing ['Extract']," Judge explained. "In 'Office Space,' it's the employees' point of view and the bosses are the a--holes. [Extract] is kind of the bosses' point of view."

The director credits his early work with MTV as a partial inspiration for the coming comedy. "When 'Beavis and Butthead' became a show, I'd never had anybody working for me and suddenly I had 30 to 90 people working for me at different times. So I think I suddenly became more sympathetic to all these bosses I've had," Judge said. "I wanted to write something sympathetic to the guy who had to run the place."

One of Judge's big "gets" for "Extract" is Ben Affleck, who plays a slimy lawyer working with Jason Bateman's down-on-his-luck factory owner. "I think Ben, because he's a good-looking, tall, strapping guy, he's always been cast as the leading man," Judge said of his casting choice. "I like him when he's a character actor, like 'Dazed & Confused.' He read the ['Extract'] script and wanted to do it and I met with him and we had a read through and he just killed it. I've been editing and watching these scenes hundreds of times and it still makes me laugh."

Affleck rose to the challenge after his audition, embracing his non-leading role with an equal mix of passion and professionalism. "We had a break where we shot his factory thing and he'd done a few weeks in the beginning and then we didn't see him for three or four weeks," Judge explained. "He came back and he was so happy to be putting on his Dean outfit. He really had fun. He's a team player."