'Die Hard: Year One' Prequel Writer Shares EXCLUSIVE Details With Splash Page

Die HardFROM SPLASH PAGE: Announced late last month, Boom Studios’ upcoming “Die Hard: Year One” comic book series will take Bruce Willis‘ hard-luck hero John McClane back to his roots in a story that unfolds more than a decade before his 1988 adventure at the Nakatomi Plaza. Veteran writer/artist Howard Chaykin, who will be scripting the prequel, spoke with MTV News about what readers can expect from the series when it hits shelves this August — including some of the familiar movie characters and elements of New York City history that will find their way into story.

“We’re dealing with McClane as a 23-year-old Marine veteran, new to the force from Queens, just loving his job,” Chaykin told MTV News. “The series is going to explain exactly how he got his gold shield.”

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