'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen' Wreaks Havoc On The Saturday Box Office Report

Revenge of the Fallen1. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" ($36.7 million)

2. "The Proposal" ($6.1 million)

3. "The Hangover" ($5.3 million)

4. "My Sister's Keeper" ($5.1 million)

5. "Up" ($3.9 million)

Some weekends, it's easy to predict what's going to come out on top! "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" topped our poll, and it destroyed the charts to take number one with $36.7 million. That would be enough to qualify it as a summer hit, but since it's debut was actually on Wednesday, that's just a drop of the bucket.

Michael Bay's giant robot spectacle has earned a cumulative total of $125.9 million in just three days, pulling in a whopping $60.6 million on its first day alone and shattering every record in its path. It beat out "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" for biggest Wednesday gross ever ("Harry" only did $44.2 million) and comes in second for biggest debut ever, behind "The Dark Knight" and its $67.2 million.

"Transformers" is well on its way to setting a five-day world record, and will probably come away with opening weekend grosses in the territory of $190 million. Some in the industry are predicting that it might even shatter Batman's record; "The Dark Knight" came away with $203.8 million at the end of its five day run, and Paramount is estimating that "Transformers" could come away with $204 million.

Unlike the rest of summer's offerings, this is one film that seems absolutely impervious to poor reviews (it's clocking in with only 21% at Rotten Tomatoes, earning a whopping 144 negative reviews) and racist-robot controversy. A little thing like critical consensus isn't worrying the ticket-buying audiences, nor does it (or should it) concern Paramount, according to Nikke Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily. Finke reports that the studio is perfectly happy with exit poll feedback, and they should be. 91% of those asked said they preferred the "Transformers" sequel to the original.

Despite the size of The Fallen, there was room for some Michael Bay counter-programming at the box office. "My Sister's Keeper" managed to crack the top 5 for Friday night, coming in at #4 with $5.1 million. Last week's champion "The Proposal" predictably dropped to #2, but still pulled in a respectable $6.1 million. Clearly, some moms, girlfriends and wives trusted their guys to be alone with Megan Fox and Optimus Prime while they themselves opted for quieter fare instead.

Of course, those ladies may have just as easily chosen the boys of "The Hangover," which hung on at #3 with $5.3 million. With a four week total of $171.3 million for Todd Philips' summer comedy, it may yet join that elusive $200 million club.

"Up" continued to shed helium and ticket sales, settling in at #5 with $3.9 million. Still, with five weeks hanging around in the top five -- and regardless of what those noisy "Transformers" do to the box office -- it'll go down as one of summer's biggest hits with $241.1 million and counting.

Readers, what are you watching this weekend? Are you ignoring the critics and seeing "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"? Or are you opting for the quieter stuff like "The Proposal" and the tears of "My Sister's Keeper"?