'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen' Rises To The Top In This Week's Box Office Poll

Transformers: Revenge of the FallenGood afternoon readers! I hope your collective Fridays are going swimmingly. I know my vision is swimming, but I'm also running on less than five hours sleep and a whole lot of root beer!

So I decided earlier in the week that the Monday morning Box Office Poll roundup is just too long. And really, is it helpful to know how your peers voted after the weekend is over? So I've decided to break things up a bit, and feed you the poll results every Friday afternoon instead. Not that it really matters week, since we all know where your votes fell.

To no one's surprise, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is the clear dominant force in this week's Box Office Poll. Michael Bay's giant robots and excessive explosions (I mean that in a good way) swept in 81% of your votes. I'm sure that some of you won't be seeing "Fallen" this weekend since the movie technically opened on Wednesday, but it's cool. That's the point of pre-Friday openings; to pack the theaters with superfans early so regular folk can catch big releases on weekends.

Trailing along in a distant second place is another non-surprise, "My Sister's Keeper." The downbeat family drama actually has an interesting premise. A husband and wife decide to have a second child so they can have a donor for their sick firstborn. Many years and unsuccessful procedures later, child #2 sues her family for control over her own body.

Unfortunately for star Abigail Breslin and director Nick Cassavetes, the movie is opening against "Transformers." Tough break. Still, if the premise is executed well, with strong performances from the assembled players, "Keeper" could have sleeper written all over it.

Bringing up the rear in the week's Box Office poll is the general category of indie or limited release alternatives -- I highlighted "Surveillance" and "The Hurt Locker" specifically -- at 4%. To you 4-percenters out there: which are you going to see and why? A smaller percentage of you are opting to either stay home or catch up on a previous week's release, at 3% each.

Thanks for playing y'all. Enjoy your movies and your weekend... I'll see you next week!