After 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen,' The Crossovers Will Come

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallenby Alan Kistler

Over the years, the Transformers have occasionally crossed over with other fun franchises. There have been Transformers/"Star Wars" toys. The Autobots teamed up with Marvel’s New Avengers team. There have been several comics in which the Transformers worked against or alongside the G.I. Joe team. In one of the early comic issues, the Autobot called Cliffjumper even teamed up with the amazing Spider-Man.

In the movie world, plenty have enjoyed similar team-ups. Look at "Freddy Vs. Jason" or "Aliens Vs. Predator." With "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" freshly released in theaters, why not push the envelope a bit further? Here's a list of some crossovers that I think would be a lot fun to watch, each supplied with my own idea of how the story could bring the characters together. Enjoy!

"Star Trek"

As Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, James T. Kirk is tasked with seeking out new life and new civilizations, making first contact with strange alien races that no one’s ever heard of before. When the Enterprise discovers the robotic world of Cybertron, they are immediately attacked by its ruler Megatron and his Decepticon army. With the transporters offline, Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura are marooned on this strange world. The humans team-up with a band of rebel Autobots who tell them their only hope is resurrecting their long-dead leader: Optimus Prime.


In this story the Transformers don’t arrive on Earth until the 21st century, years after the Skynet's apocalyptic war on the human race has begun. The villainous Megatron wants to rule over the Earth by destroying both sides, but he is betrayed when his second-in-command Starscream decides to team up with Skynet after being promised co-rulership of Earth. With Megatron dead and Starscream now leading the Decepticons alongside Skynet’s terminators, John Connor believes all is lost. That’s when hope arrives in the form of Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots. If Connor can overcome his mistrust of yet another race of thinking machines, he and Optimus can become a truly powerful force for good.

"Green Lantern Corps"

The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic group of space cops, each of whom is armed with a “power ring” that can manipulate energy and create weapons out of thin air. Tasked with keeping peace across the cosmos, the Green Lanterns are very concerned when a race of living robots decides to use Earth as a battlefield for a civil war. To save Earth, the GLs immediately attempt to disarm both sides, only to later discover that the Decepticons are a danger to all life. As they join forces with the Autobots, there are casualties on all sides. When a Green Lantern dies, his ring seeks out a replacement who is “honest and without fear.” So imagine how the tide of battle will turn when Optimus Prime is suddenly given a power ring.

"Marvel Space Heroes"

The Autobots teamed up with the Avengers of Marvel Comics before. But as aliens, they should meet with the space heroes of the Marvel Universe too. In this story, the alien villain Annihilus is reborn. He kidnaps most of the Autobots, intent on corrupting them for his new army. To save his soldiers, Optimus assembles a strike force of Marvel’s space-faring heroes. The heroes who join him are Darkhawk, Starlord, Nova, Quasar, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and ROM: Spaceknight. With the few remaining Autobots strengthened by these warriors, Optimus brings Annihilus a battle he couldn’t have prepared for.

"Die Hard"

With Megatron’s forces seemingly defeated, the Autobots activate a space-bridge so they can head back home to Cybertron. When terrorists attack, the bridge collapses before Optimus Prime can leave. With his soldiers thousands of light-years away and realizing that a terrorist cell is now using left-over Transformer technology and weapons to attack America, Optimus is low on options. Fortunately, he runs across a man who may be able to help him, a NY cop who was just trying to enjoy his vacation. A cop named John McClane. With his time-tested fighting skills, his talent for blowing crap up and a yippie-kay-yay cowboy mentality, McClane is the perfect ally for Optimus. Things get more dangerous when the new allies learn that the terrorists are working with Starscream, who has stayed behind on Earth for his own purposes: world domination!