'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune' Casting Call Looks To Nathan Fillion, Powers Boothe And More

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneEarlier today, it was revealed that Columbia is taking steps to bring the PlayStation 3-exclusive video game "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" to the silver screen. As a fairly obsessive gamer, I have to say that I'm very pleased with this news.

Granted, game-to-movie adaptations don't have the best of track records. "Uncharted" is a special case though. The game continues to be lauded for its tight narrative and blockbuster-style delivery. If there's a game out there that could simply be carried over into the passive entertainment space of film, it's this one. But which actors would be best for which parts in the coming adaptation?

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneNathan Drake

A descendant of Sir Francis Drake, Nathan Drake is cast as an atypical action hero. He's a ruggedly attractive dude, sure. But he's a little bit clumsy, a little bit bumbling and not terribly tactful. Elisabeth already ventured a few possibilities for him, and I think they're spot on: Jason Bateman or Nathan Fillion. Bateman is "Arrested Development" straight man Michael Bluth; he has plenty of experience in film, but he picked up a lot of cache for his associations with that short-lived TV series. Fillion also has a TV background, most recently in the leading role on "Castle." And Joss Whedon's "Firefly" too, of course. Neither are what you would really expect of an action hero, making either a perfect fit for the role.

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneElena Fisher

Elena Fisher's time with Drake starts off rather contentiously, but her strong personality and gutsy attitude -- and her patience with his antics -- eventually brings the two close. Shocker, that. Elena is easy to cast, because she already is! All of the characters in "Uncharted" are modeled after their real-life voice actors. Emily Rose has done actual acting work, with high-profile TV appearances on "ER," "Jericho," "Brothers & Sisters" and "John From Cincinnati." Role cast, done and done.

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneVictor "Sully" Sullivan

Sully is Nathan's partner in crime. Quite literally at times, based on facts culled from their back-and-forth banter. Personally, I'd love to see Powers Boothe cast for the role. He's got the look right (after some makeup youngs him up a bit... just a bit though) and he's a perfect fit for the part of Drake's -- sorry Powers -- vaguely slimy friend. Boothe is a well-regarded character actor whose most recent hits have included a stint as the Vice President on "24" and tyrannical casino/brothel owner Cy Tolliver on HBO's "Deadwood."

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneGabriel Roman

Gabriel Roman is the chief antagonist in "Uncharted." He's constantly a step ahead of Nathan in his pursuit of the lost city of El Dorado. Anytime Nathan seems to pull ahead, Roman and his cronies are there to pull out the rug from under him. MTV Multiplayer editor Russ Frushtick pointed out, very correctly I think, that Stellan Skarsgård would be great for the role. Skarsgård appeared in a few episodes of "Entourage" last season, in a caricature of real-life controversial director Werner Herzog. He's got the right look and he exudes a barely restrained intensity which is a perfect fit for Roman's top-dog bad guy.

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneAtoq Navarro

Atoq Navarro is Roman's right-hand man, a professional hired gun with a strong background in archeology. Think of him as an evil Indiana Jones, right down to the goatee (as we all know, "evil" versions of anyone come packing a well-maintained goatee). Ramon Rodriguez has been getting a lot of buzz after back-to-back appearances in "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." He'd have to lean up a bit for the part, maybe get some makeup to arch those eyebrows -- for that properly evil look -- but I think he could nail it, given the opportunity. Plus, he was on "The Wire." What more do you need?

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneEddy Raja

Eddy Raja is a pirate and longtime rival of Drake's. From the moment he's introduced, it is pretty clear that some kind of redemption is in store for Raja. Probably a sacrificial death to go along with it. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. This is actually an easy one. "Prison Break" star Amaury Nolasco could be Raja's long lost twin. He'd have to tone down his good guy persona a bit for the Drake-hating pirate of course, but Nolasco has the redemptive enemy-turned-friend character written all over.

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