Michael Jackson Narrates 'E.T.' In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

Michael Jackson E.T.Today's eBay Prop-Watch hurts, and for a variety of reasons. Like a lot of you out there, I'm pretty bummed about the loss of Michael Jackson. This is just one more reminder of the lasting impact the pop sensation will leave on all facets of entertainment. Around the time that Steven Spielberg unleashed "E.T." on the world, this companion record set was released with Jackson serving as the narrator.

I had this record. I used to listen to it nightly on my clunky, plastic Fisher Price turntable. Over the years it became more and more warped until eventually it was just another item to be discarded in the next move. The outrageously high $2,000 asking price on this auction isn't even what's upsetting here; I just miss hearing Jackson's "E.T." narration.

Michael Jackson E.T.

The auction describes this item as an "'E.T.' Promotional Box set," released in 1982. I can't recall how one of them first came into my possession, but I'll never forget that package. I used to thumb through the included booklet as the record played, gawking in my childish wonder at all of the beautiful stills. One of my earliest movie memories is of going to see "E.T." with my mother and sister at the drive-in, and hearing this record always brought me back to that special moment.

This item is a particularly rare buy -- perhaps not $2,000 rare, but hard to find nonetheless -- because it is stamped as a promo, and includes an MCA press packet containing four fact sheets. As always, if anyone does step up and buy this item, please hit us here to share your impressions. Does anyone else have fond memories of this record set? Does any other Jackson memorabilia stick out in your memory?

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