'Boobies And Blood' In 'Pirahna 3-D'

FROM MTV.COM: Conventional wisdom says that if you want to watch a great artistic achievement, you look to accomplished filmmakers. If you just want to have a good time and eat some popcorn, you choose something loud, gory and unapologetically exploitative. But somewhere in the middle are the "Piranha" films — and when we recently visited the set of the franchise reboot, we found a unique mix of blood, babes and bona-fide actors.

"The movie is going to be insane, because as much blood as it has, it has the equal amount of boobies," grinned Paul Scheer, the "Human Giant" funnyman who stars in "Piranha 3-D" alongside a huge cast that includes Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss (in a nod to his "Jaws" role), Christopher Lloyd, Eli Roth and Ving Rhames. "It's boobies and blood. And we supply the boobies!"

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