Vanessa Hudgens On Landing A 'Sucker Punch'

As you all learned earlier today, "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens is very excited about her role in the upcoming Zack Snyder project, "Sucker Punch." Speaking with MTV's Matt Harper on the set of "Beastly," the singer gushed her affection for the "300" director's work, and her joy at being able to break away from her youth-oriented roots.

"Sucker Punch" tells the story of a wrongfully institutionalized young woman (Amanda Seyfried, at last report) who retreats into a fantasy world of her own creation as a coping mechanism. Hudgens will play Blondie, one of Seyfried's fellow inmates. Well here... why don't you see for yourself:

Don't go! There's more! Hudgens also had a bit to say on her audition for the role and how she landed the part-- but almost didn't. It's good stuff, so keep on reading after the jump.

Before Hudgens even went to her audition, anxiety took hold. It sounds best in her own words: "I got the sides for the audition… and honestly, I was so afraid of going in and doing this scene, that I cancelled twice! Because the first time I was just not prepared, the second time was just… it was not a good day… and then I finally went in and I just couldn’t believe I was actually doing it. And it went surprisingly well”

The actress further revealed that she actually auditioned for a number of roles, and that she wasn't alone when she showed up. "Everybody came in and read the exact same scene," she said, "and from there they actually gave you sides to who they wanted to see you in."

Hudgens wouldn't reveal any specifics about the scene, but she did confirm that film's druggy/dreamy qualities meant it was something "out of the ordinary." She did reveal one small nugget however. "I mean, its set in a brothel, and they’re putting on shows, and it was a scene from one of those sections." A brothel? In an insane asylum? Tripp-yyyyy.

I'll say it again, in case you missed it: a brothel in an insane asylum? What do you make of that? Are you excited about "Sucker Punch" yet?

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