Senator John Kerry Wants To Be A Movie Producer

John KerryLots of former presidential candidates, Barack Obama, Al Gore and George W. Bush included, get the chance to see their names on credits crawls in theaters. Now, the Federal Election Commission may be all that stands between Sen. John Kerry and the film "Keeping the Faith." Though no one has green-lit a biopic about the Massachussetts senator, he appears to have an interest in executive producing the new movie.

A documentary about injured Iraq war veterans, "Keeping the Faith" will be helmed by Kerry's longtime friend George Butler, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Butler has also directed documentaries about Kerry and current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the well-received "Pumping Iron."

The commission's decision to let Kerry take on the role, which would involve recruiting investors and interview subjects, will determine whether or not he can invest $300,000 from his campaign fund in the film, which the senator believes could net as much as a 120-percent return.

Kerry reportedly has $3.5 million in the fund, but does not face re-election until 2014, which should be enough time for him to recoup such an investment if the commission and a Senate ethics panel, which he also consulted, react favorably. The seasoned Democrat would almost certainly love to have an extra $700,000 in his account when it comes time to defend his seat.

What do you think about John Kerry's desire to become a movie producer? Does it sounds like a wise use of his campaign money? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!