Ryan Reynolds Will Be 'Buried' In His Next Film

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds has built a sturdy, marketable reputation on being a hunky wisecracker. He is so determined to shake up that image that he's going underground... six feet under, to be precise. Reynolds is taking the lead in "Buried," an independent thriller directed by Rodrigo Cortes ("The Contestant"), according to a report in Variety.

The actor will play a civilian contractor who is living and working in Iraq. After being kidnapped by forces unknown, he awakens in a coffin buried in the desert, armed with only a cell phone, a candle and a knife. It's not the first "buried alive" story and it won't be the last, but I bet you still feel claustrophobic just reading that!

The tight premise (no pun intended) is precisely why Reynolds took the part. An underground struggle for survival will allow the actor to stretch his chops beyond his witty "Proposal" persona or his scandalous "Van Wilder" wiseass. He'll also be the only man onscreen for most of the film, which brings its own set of challenges. What better way to earn some indie and acting cred than to carry a movie all by your lonesome?

The script was written by relative newcomer Chris Sparling, and will begin filming next month in Cortes' native Barcelona. As a Marvel fangirl, I hope he uses some of that alone-in-a-coffin time to think of script and villain ideas for his eventual "Deadpool" spin-off. And maybe to slap himself on the wrist a couple times for his previous stint as Deadpool.

Do you think Ryan Reynolds has what it takes for dramatic, independent territory? Are you eager to see him buried alive? Do you want him to stick to funnier fare? Or do you not care so long as he eventually makes "Deadpool"?

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