EXCLUSIVE: 'Fraggle Rock' Kicks Off Jim Henson Company Comics

Fraggle RockEditor's note: This is far, far outside of Movies Blog's coverage zone, I know. But "Fraggle Rock" is the greatest and this news is hella cool. So enjoy.

FROM SPLASH PAGE: This week, Archaia Comics and the Jim Henson Company confirmed rumors of a potential partnership between the two creative companies, and offered official word that the pair would be publishing new comic book series and graphic novels based on popular properties like “The Dark Crystal,” “Labyrinth” and “Mirrormask.” And while this news on its own should be enough to excite fans of Henson’s varied and much beloved library, the pair also offered Splash Page readers the exclusive announcement regarding which property will be the first to hit shelves.

“‘Fraggle Rock’ is going to be the first book that we launch,” Archaia’s Director of Development, Stephen Christy, told MTV News. “We’re launching with ‘Fraggle Rock’ and other titles will be forthcoming.”

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