David Fincher In Talks To Direct Facebook-Centric Film 'The Social Network'

David FincherThe curious case of David Fincher's directing decisions just got a little bit curiouser. Fincher has already broken ground with gritty thrillers like "Se7en" and "Fight Club," while also proving his weight in epic dramatic fare with "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Now the filmmaker is going to tackle an all-new arena -- the social networking scene.

According to Variety, Fincher is in advanced talks with Columbia Pictures to direct "The Social Network," an Aaron Sorkin-penned film that focuses on the formation of Facebook.

There are some skeptics about the potential for a Facebook-centric film -- yours truly included. It's hard to envision the premise in actuality. Are the main characters racing to out-status update one another? Maybe there's a serial poker lurking the Facebook scene?

Thankfully, Peter Sciretta at /Film did some detective work of his own, unearthing the fact that "The Social Network" is most likely an adaptation of "The Accidental Billionaires," the forthcoming novel from Ben Mezrich.

Mezrich's previous work "Bringing Down The House" was adapted as the Kevin Spacey-led "21." Interestingly enough, Spacey himself will be a producer on "The Social Network." The actor even provided a review of the book on Amazon, describing the story as being "right out of a Hollywood thriller."

Admittedly, the synopsis for the book sounds pretty interesting. Harvard pals Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg united to form Facebook, but their divergent views on the social networking site ultimately led to an ugly end to their friendship. As the synopsis pithily points out: "The great irony is that while Facebook succeeded by bringing people together, its very success tore two best friends apart."

Well, that sounds a lot better than sitting in the theater for two hours watching people post on each other's walls -- but I'm actually kinda partial to the serial poker idea. FYI for non-FB users: a Facebook "poke" is the one-click equivalent of a tap on the shoulder.

Do you think Fincher is a good fit for "The Social Network," or are you uninterested in the project? Let us know what you think in the comments!