Kevin Spacey's 'Invention' Recruits... 'Jackass' And 'The Office' Stars?!

Kevin SpaceyYou can expect a lot of things from a versatile actor such as Kevin Spacey. One thing you cannot expect, apparently, is the expected.

Case in point: The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Kevin Spacey's self-produced ensemble comedy "Father of Invention" has enlisted four actors for the film, including Camilla Belle (that's normal), Heather Graham (we're still okay), Craig Robinson (wuh?) and... Johnny Knoxville?!

First, some context. The story focuses on Spacey's character, a formerly humble inventor who becomes a self-centered billionaire and ultimately lands in prison for eight years following an incident with one of his creations. After he leaves jail he tries to recapture his fortune but fails dismally in his attempts to reconnect with his family.

Belle will play Spacey's daughter and Graham will play her lesbian roommate. Knoxville is a store manager who hires Spacey after his prison stint and Robinson's character marries Spacey's former wife.

Got all that? Good. Back to business.

Who were the ad wizards that paired up Kaiser Soze with the "Jackass" king and warehouse aficionado Darryl Philbin? Knoxville and Robinson are certainly accomplished comedians in their own right, but they're not the first names that come to mind when you think of actors on Spacey's two-time Academy Award-winning level.

So whoever made this seemingly dubious decision, let me just say... thank you. You are awesome, and you are a visionary.

See, this is one of those bizarre bits of casting that, if pulled off successfully, can really surprise an audience. Just imagine Spacey's deadpan up against Knoxville's slapstick sensibilities, or up against Robinson's foul-mouthed repertoire. The mind boggles at the possibilities, and I just can't help but feel giddy about this news.

What say you, Movies Blog readers? Is this a genius casting combination or are we in for a comedic catastrophe? Let us know what you think in the comments!