Johnny Depp Reveals His Upcoming Projects, 'Pirates 4' And 'Dark Shadows'

Johnny Depp projects

That image up there is a scan of card that "Public Enemies" star Johnny Depp held in his hands. MTV's Josh Horowitz handed it to him, because the actor has so many projects flying through the rumorwaves that it's hard to keep track.

Depp's big reveals were that he'll be occupied next year with both the fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and the long-talked-about adaptation of the UK vampire TV series "Dark Shadows." That's not all though. Slipped into the seemingly offhand comment is Depp's confirmation that rumored director Tim Burton is indeed involved with the project. Fantastic news. As you saw yesterday, Burton and Depp make magic together. Check out a video of Josh's time with Depp after the jump or head over to to see the full interview in MTV Rough Cut: 'Public Enemies'.

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