EXCLUSIVE: New Writer Joins Tom Cruise And Sam Raimi For 'Sleeper' Movie

Sam RaimiFROM SPLASH PAGE: While talking with writer Ed Brubaker about the return of Captain America to the Marvel Comics universe, the recent release of “Sleeper: Season One” (a collection of his 2003-2005 superhero crime series) reminded me that the “Captain America” comic isn’t his only project with big-screen connections. But what’s going on with the “Sleeper” movie these days?

Back in August, it was announced that “Sleeper” was tagged for adaptation with Sam Raimi producing the film and Tom Cruise starring as Holden Carver, a super-powered secret agent deep undercover within a supervillain cabal and left hanging when the only person who knows he’s one of the good guys falls into a coma. In October, word hit the wire that Hollywood newcomer Brad Ingelsby would write the screenplay for the adaptation, but updates have been few and far between since that time.

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