Jack Black Shares A Little Bit On That Thing He's Been Talking To J.J. Abrams About

Last weekend, MTV's Josh Horowitz sat down with "Year One" stars Jack Black and Michael Cera for an interview. Many things were discussed, including birthdays, pre-history survival tips and -- everyone's favorite topic -- "Heavy Metal." Josh also asked Black about the recent talk surrounding him and a certain "Star Trek" director.

What talk am I referring to, you ask? It wasn't much really. Some rumors popped up that Black and Abrams had discussed the possibility of the actor stepping into the still-unwritten "Star Trek" sequel as Harry Mudd. AICN debunked the Mudd rumor, but gleaned no further information. That's where the below clip comes in: the discussions involved Black doing a musical comedy which Abrams will produce. Watch for the (admittedly brief) details.