'Scream' Chugs Ever-Forward As Neve Campbell Bows Out

Kevin WilliamsonA few more years, and Twitter will put all of us working writers out of business. It's amazing how much information can be imparted in 140 character bursts. For example, a (now removed) weekend Tweet from "Scream" creator Kevin Williamson revealed that his newly planned trilogy may require some creative re-casting. In the writer's own words: "Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario. She won't do it. This sucks."

"She," of course, is "Scream" star Neve Campbell. While it hadn't been made clear earlier exactly what Williamson's plans are for the coming trilogy, he'd revealed that he hoped to bring back as many characters as possible. The Arquettes, David and Courteney Cox, are already in talks. Frightmaster Wes Craven has suggested that he might even be game to direct again. Campbell bowing out isn't the kiss of death for the return to "Scream," but it will certainly hurt. More than any of us know, apparently...

Replying to a post on PopWrap, Williamson revealed that Campbell's non-involvement strikes a fairly major blow to his plans. "I ain't got no Sid-less scenario," the director explained, "I don't know yet what to do."

It seems only natural that Williamson should now write Campbell's character out of the new story, but that is also not an option he's ready to consider. " It was no cameo. I'd never play Sid out that way." Bummer.

While the second and third "Scream" flicks left a bit to be desired, Williamson showed plenty of talent in his deconstruction of horror conventions for the first film. A full-blown sequel trilogy, with so many years since the last "Scream" and a veritable evolution of the genre since that time, leaves the door open for yet another smart bit of genre play from Williamson.

How do you feel about the increasing evidence that Williamson's planned trilogy is a proper sequel? Do you you think the continuing story can be sustained without Campbell? Should Williamson just suck it up and cast a replacement?