eBay Prop-Watch: On The Couch With 'The Simpsons Movie'

The Simpsons MovieWelcome to a new daily feature here on MTV Movies Blog, eBay Prop-Watch. Every day I will mine the depths of the Internet's go-to auction site for some funky, crazy or outright cool bit of film ephemera. You won't always be seeing actual props here (like today) nor will the picks necessarily be affordable to the common citizen (also like today), but I promise to always make it something to drop your jaws.

The first pick for the column is a reflection of my own tastes. I have been watching "The Simpsons" since the half-hour sitcom premiered back in 1989. I've seen every single episode of the TV series and quotes are a regular occurrence in my daily conversations. One of my frequently spouted words of wisdom -- and my friends can attest to this -- is that there's a "Simpsons" quote for every occasion. Before "The Simpsons Movie" even hit theaters in July 2007, I was beside myself. Why? Because of this...

The Simpsons Movie

That's some cool, cool stuff right there. Note that the little kid is NOT included. Of course that also means you can plant your own ass down next to Homer for your nightly TV & beer sessions. All for the low, low Buy It Now price of $5,000 (plus shipping costs). The seller is in New Jersey however, so New Yorkers like me always have the option of picking it up. There's time too; the Best Offer/Buy It Now auction ends on July 17.

The eBay listing states that the couch is one of only 1500 sent to theaters across the country in advance of the movie's release. The dimensions don't really justify the price, but it's a big piece of cool no doubt: 12 feet long and 3 feet wide, weighing in at almost 400 pounds. As you can see, there's even space for a human occupant.

I'm going to have to pass on bidding for this one. Do any of you readers have plenty of disposable income and an undying love for Matt Groening's yellow-skinned dysfunctional family? If someone out there actually buys this awesome thing, hit us at tips@mtvmoviesblog.com.