Sunday Box Office: Audiences Love 'The Proposal'

The Proposal Ryan Reynolds

1. "The Proposal" ($34.1 million)

2. "The Hangover" ($26.8 million)

4. "Up" ($21.3 million)

3. "Year One" ($20 million)

5. "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" ($11.3 million)

As the weekend progresses, audiences continue to fall hard for "The Proposal," which stayed strong at #1 by bringing in $34.1 million, finally knocking "The Hangover" down from its two week reign at the top. After weeks of explosions and CG, people were clearly in the mood for a little love... and perhaps all the pre-release publicity that focused on the nude scene between "Proposal" stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds helped a little.

Though it dropped a spot, last week's champion didn't do too shabby, and "The Hangover" continued to party hard with another $26.8 million. That's the amount that box office analysts were predicting the Todd Phillips comedy would make on its opening weekend. Instead the tale of a lost Vegas night is partying its way to close to a $200 million cumulative, with $153 million banked in the weeks since it was released.

As Saturday wore on, "Year One" actually dropped in the final count. It was enjoying a photo finish with "The Hangover" on Friday night, as both were estimated to have done $8.5 million. "Hangover" and Pixar's "Up" surged ahead of the prehistoric newcomer today, and it dropped to #4 with a take of $20 million. It seems even a Jack Black film can't succeed with mainstream audiences if the likes of Roger Ebert are calling it "a dreary experience" and lamenting its existence. Considering it comes right on the heels of the disastrous "Land of the Lost," it will probably be a long, long time before Hollywood agrees to any fossil themed comedies.

MTV readers, what were you watching this weekend? Did you go for "The Proposal"? Did you think "Year One" was that bad? Bad enough to catch a repeat viewing of "The Hangover" or "Up"?