Saturday Box Office: Audiences Shake Off 'The Hangover' And Say 'I Do' To 'The Proposal'

The Proposal1. "The Proposal" ($12.4 million)

2. "The Hangover" ($8.5 million)

3. "Year One" ($8.5 million)

4. "Up" ($6.1 million)

5. "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" ($3.2 million)

All bachelor parties end with a wedding, even when it comes to the story of the box office. Audiences finally shook off "The Hangover" on Friday night, and instead accepted "The Proposal" of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The romantic comedy kicked off the weekend at #1 with $12.4 million, and gave Bullock the best opening day take of her career.

Moviegoers were less enamored with going prehistoric with the new Harold Ramis comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. "Year One" and "The Hangover" had a photo finish for the #2 spot: both were estimated to have taken about $8.5 million on Friday night. Variety and Deadline Hollywood Daily both estimate that "Hangover" edged out "Year One." Given the dismal reviews and poor buzz "Year One" had going into the weekend (it earned a painful 20% at Rotten Tomatoes), likely the best it can hope for is to stay the weekend at #3.

"Up" is finally losing the air out of its balloons, having dropped to #4 for the day with $6.1 million. It's not as though Disney/Pixar are weeping over the inevitable descent however. "Up" is the second movie this summer to cross the $200 million finish line, with cumulative box office take of $208.9 million thus far. "Star Trek" is the only other movie to make such big bucks, and is still leading the season with $234.7 million.

Even fewer people took the subway this weekend, as "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" dropped from #3 to #5 with a Friday take of $3.2 million, a drop of 60% in its sophomore week. It's been a hard summer for the action flicks as audiences flock to parties, proposals, and cranky cartoon men. Clearly, if you want to hang out at #1 without the starship Enterprise, you need a baby in sunglasses or a sidekick as cute as Ryan Reynolds.