'Twilight' Fans! Wanna Go To Twi-Con '09? For FREE?! OME!!

New MoonFROM MTV.COM: Attention graduating seniors!

During MTV News' Class of '09 Week, we've celebrated high school graduation season with stories and memories of graduation from some of your favorite celebrities — including "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet — and touched on some key cultural milestones for this group of seniors. One of the biggest milestones is, of course, "Twilight." With that said, we're still looking for video of YOU representing for your senior peers in our "Class of '09 Shout-Out Search," so we're upping the stakes by giving you a chance to see the "Twilight" cast members! Interested yet?

It's simple: we want graduating seniors to shout out to the Class of '09 with a video message on Your.MTV.com. Tell us about your own hopes and dreams, what you think the makes the class of '09 rock, just say "best of luck!" ... any or all of above. Play it straight, spit some rhymes, act it out as a "Twilight" character — do it your way. The video we decide is the most fun, interesting and original is the winner!

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