TRAILER PREMIERE: Alastair Siddons Breaks Down The Dance Moves In Dazzling 'Turn it Loose'

Over the last few years, we’ve seen some insane, extreme dancing in everything from “You Got Served” to “Stomp the Yard” to the “Step Up” films and “America’s Best Dance Crew.” But you ain’t never seen anything like this before.

MTV is proud to premiere the trailer for “Turn it Loose,” a hot new documentary about the world’s greatest breakdancing b-boys. The flick, which follows six fleet-footed competitors stretching the limitations of physicality as they compete at an old power station in the heart of South Africa, is being unveiled today at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Just a few hours before the film rolled, director Alastair Siddons called in to give us the scoop.

MTV: You’re about to premiere the film, Alastair. Are you nervous?

Alasatir Siddons: Yeah, this is the big premiere. There’s been a few screenings here and there, but this is the big one that I’ve been waiting for a long time now.

MTV: We’ve seen a lot of dancing films lately. What makes your different?

AS: You know, I was really worried when I was making it that there’s been a lot of films about b-boys recently, especially this millennium. I tried to make it really about what’s going on right now, make it as it is today around the world, and leave the preconceptions that people have about break-dancing out of the film. These young guys come from different parts of the world, and we go into the problems that they’re facing, the inspirations that they’ve got.

MTV: The visual style looks amazing. Tell us about how you filmed it.

AS: We used footage from 4 competitions; I met the people I really wanted to concentrate on and then I filmed them at the competition and then just bit my nails all night long. The competitions only last about two hours, and each has three minutes to go up on stage and do their thing; then they either reach the final or they don’t. We were really lucky in terms of who we followed, and were able to take the competition right to the end.

MTV: And you used some innovative camera techniques to capture stuff rarely seen on film. Tell us about that.

AS: Well, we had a ‘Matrix’-sort of rig at the competition. We managed to do a 25 second time slide shot, which you don’t see in the trailer, but you’ll see it in the movie. It’s a pretty special shot.

MTV: Well, good luck at the Festival. When do you think we might be able to see “Turn it Loose” here in the states?

AS: Hopefully, at the end of the year.

What do you think of the “Turn it Loose” trailer? Are you eager to see the film?

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