Kurt Loder Reviews 'Dead Snow'

Dead SnowFROM MTV.COM: "Dead Snow" is a Norwegian splatter flick built around an idea that seems so classic, you almost wish no one had risked turning it into a movie and thus possibly screwing it up. The idea is this: Nazi zombies. Perfect, right?

Not unprecedented, of course. The 1977 "Shock Waves" is a hardy cult item along these lines, for one thing. I haven't seen the German "Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II," released into instant obscurity last year, but Jean Rollin addressed the Nazi-gut-muncher theme in his 1981 "Zombie Lake," as did fellow hack Jesús Franco that same year with "Oasis of the Zombies." Both of these characters, as you may know, screwed it up royally. So while "Dead Snow" may not be the first movie of its mini-genre, I think we can safely say it is, by simple default, one of the very best.

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