Kurt Loder Reviews 'Year One'

FROM MTV.COM: Remember "Land of the Lost"? The Will Ferrell movie? Came out two weeks ago? Right, that one. Do you think there's still room in the tank to which that picture was instantly consigned for the new "Year One," another prehistoricky gagfest with not a gray cell in its tiny noggin? Good dumb comedies, from Jerry Lewis' "The Bellboy" to Jim Carrey's "Dumb and Dumber," have always been a pleasure. This isn't one of those, though. The movie was directed by Harold Ramis, who's done some very funny films (think "Groundhog Day"), and it numbers raunch king Judd Apatow among its producers. That might seem a match made in comedy heaven, and you might expect the picture to kill. But it overkills, in an altogether underwhelming way. Even with the customary complement of Apatow veterans on hand — stars Jack Black and Michael Cera, with Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, and Ramis himself wandering through — the movie tuckers us out.

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