'2012' Trailer Rains Its Fiery Destruction Upon An Unsuspecting Earth

2012Only Roland Emmerich can make mass death look pretty. He did in "Independence Day." "The Day After Tomorrow" too. Even "Godzilla" had its moments, interspersed between... well... I digress.

"2012" is the director's latest attempt to show us what the end of the world looks like. I know nothing of the plot, other than crap rains down from the skies and everything we know and love disappears in a flash of fire and smoke. Or a massive tidal wave. All depends on where you live, I guess.

Fine, I know a little more than that. One of the common end-of-the-world theories is that we're all screwed come 2012. That's where the Mayan calendar ends. In truth, that could mean any number of things. For Roland Emmerich however, there's only one possibility. We're all screwed. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.