'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen': The First Review Is In!

Megan FoxGet ready giant robot-loving fanpeeps. Michael Bay's highly anticipated "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" doesn't hit theaters until next week, but Variety has run the first official review. The verdict? Pretty much what you'd expect. Is that a bad thing? Nope... not at all.

The first comment out of the gate praises "Fallen" for the vastly improved visual effects over the first (and not bad-looking) "Transformers." Describing the viewing experience as Bay's "very own shock-and-awe campaign on the senses," the review goes on to explain that the human factor doesn't measure up, coming as it does "at the service of an enhanced arsenal of special effects."

To quote a noted video game designer, it sounds like "Fallen" is essentially a case of "bigger, better and more badass." Or, as Variety describes it, "longer, louder and perhaps 'more than your eye can meet.'" Half-full or half-empty... you decide next week?

No, really... which is it? Are you ready for "bigger, better and more badass" or are you warily expecting "longer" and "louder"?