Will 'Friday The 13th' Sequel Feature 3-D And Snow Scenes?

Friday The 13thWhen you've got a horror icon like Jason Voorhies and a sweeping technological sensation such as 3-D, it's only a matter of time before the two forces collide. Such a collision may be in the works for a prospective sequel to this year's "Friday the 13th" remake.

Collider recently got a chance to speak with producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form on the set of their upcoming "Nightmare on Elm Street" reboot. The producers revealed that they were considering utilizing the in-your-face technology for another outing with the hockey mask-wearing villain -- but they had their doubts that a studio would back such an endeavor.

"It's certainly been talked about," Fuller said. "The financial ramifications of doing a movie in 3-D on a budget that size, 'cause it's not like they're going to say to us, 'Yeah well why don't you make a sequel and here's twice as much money,' it doesn't go that way. Our movies are virtually all the exact same budget and I guarantee you if we make that movie it'll be the same budget as the original. And we'll say, 'Hey, do you want to do it in 3-D,' and they'll say, 'Yeah, let's talk about it,' and then when they see that it's six or seven million dollars more they'll probably opt out unless something that we are not expecting happens."

As for what fans could expect from a "Friday" sequel, Fuller said that the film would have to introduce new elements into the franchise -- quite literally, in fact.

"We also want to bring things [the fans] haven't seen before and one of the things that they haven't seen before is Jason in the snow. They haven't seen that before," said Fuller, though he was quick to add that the entire movie wouldn't be snowbound -- likely just a scene here or there.

Whether Jason goes skiing or gets enhanced by 3-D, the producing duo said that they're very interested in pursuing a second Jason-led film, even if the movie is far from ready at this point.

"We don't have a script, it's not green-lit and we have no idea what's going to happen," Fuller said. "If it gets green-lit and we're able to mount it in a reasonable amount of time, we would hope the movie would open on August 13, 2010."

Which falls, of course, on a Friday. Those crafty, crafty devils.

Do you think the "Friday The 13th" sequel should be shot in 3-D? What do you think about Jason taking a ski vacation?