Leonardo DiCaprio Takes An Online Gamble With The 'Ocean's Thirteen' Writers

Leonardo DiCaprioI feel like I write a Leonardo DiCaprio story every week here on the MTV Movies Blog. There doesn't seem to be a single movie in development that he's not attached to as an actor or a producer, and he has everything on his slate from live action anime adaptations ("Akira" may have died, but "Ninja Scroll" is still alive and well) to mobster thrillers. He is a busy, busy guy.

Now, the actor is set to explore the world of online poker in an untitled project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. DiCaprio and Paramount have picked up an untitled pitch from Brian Koppelman and David Levien. Leo star and produce via his Appian Way banner.

Details on the story are scarce, but it is set in the world of Costa Rica-based online casinos. I'm not even sure what's particularly noteworthy about that, but according to CBS News, Costa Rica is the Internet's Las Vegas, and there's a bit of a wild west mentality going on with all of the online casinos that have set up shop there. There's a lot of money flying around, loose restrictions and no taxes... so yes, there's probably a very good movie in there.

This certainly familiar territory for the film's screenwriters, as Koppelman and Levien tackled underground poker with "Rounders," and the glitz of gambling in "Ocean's Thirteen." They're also old friends of DiCaprio's, as they're adapting "Beat the Reaper" for him to star in.

No start date for the project is set, but as I said earlier, DiCaprio has an enormous list of films in pre-production. For the time being, at least, he'll be working on Christopher Nolan's "Inception." Whenever he's finished with that, he will probably have developed five more projects. I'm feeling tired just thinking about it.

Readers, how much DiCaprio is too much DiCaprio? Or will you watch him in anything, and as many movies as he's willing to make?