David Cross Reveals The Shocking, Horrifying Truth About His 'Year One' Co-Star Paul Rudd

Maybe you were under the delusion that Paul Rudd was a nice, sweet guy. Perhaps you believed his roles as a lovable bro-next-door in “I Love You, Man” and “Role Models” represented the truth about the guy.

Or not. According to his “Year One” co-star David Cross, you were so totally mistaken! That’s what Movies Editor Josh Horowitz learned when he spoke with Cross over the weekend. The comedian revealed that Rudd is in fact an extremist conspiracy theory-believing, fireman-hating, global warming denier. Quel horror!

Of course, Cross—who as the Biblical Cain to Rudd’s Abel in “Year” bashes his brother’s face in—was joking around. Even when Cross is kidding about/trashing his Hollywood pals, he never fails to make us laugh. Check out the clip below to learn the ridiculous truth about his friendship with Rudd, what made Cross stab his buddy repeatedly after filming wrapped, and why Cross declared with a laugh, “I think all people are created equal—except Samoans!”