Michael Moore Wants You To Help Save The CEOs!

by Jett Wells

Moviegoers looking to see "The Hangover" Friday got pranked by Michael Moore during the previews at the Lincoln Loews Plaza. In promoting his new movie about the economic crisis, which is untitled at this point, Moore pulled a little stunt in one of the theaters Friday while premiering his teaser trailer for the new movie.

While people started looking for their seats, a small camera was nested in the far left corner below the silver screen, looking conspicuous. Once the lights dimmed and a few trailers started to roll, Moore appeared on the screen making a few gags about the CEO bailouts that occurred in the past months. He then grinned devilishly and sarcastically requested that the audience donate money to “save the CEOs.” He then mentioned that ushers would be walking down the aisles to collect the audience’s donations.

After Moore disappeared, the screen went dark and the lights came back on. The camera crew started filming the audience while four men and women on both sides of the theatre marched slowly down the aisles, shaking cans of coins. Their cans and t-shirts were labeled “SAVE THE CEOS!” The gag artists cheered the quote out loud, requesting that the audience to donate a little more to the banks.

People looked confused and irritated immediately. Older men in the back of the theatre groaned, and muttered “Start the movie, start the movie, start the movie!” Young teenagers in the front got a kick out of it, while the older crowd just growled.

After a few seconds, several people in aisle seats actually got out of their seats and dropped change in the buckets. A guy in the front of theater even donated a few dollars. With their help, we can be sure that CEOs will soon flourish once again.