Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Looking Forward To Working With Chris Nolan On 'Inception'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" star Joseph Gordon-Levitt took some time out of his busy schedule last week to speak with MTV's Josh Horowitz. The focus of the chat was the actor's next project, Spencer Susser's family drama "Hesher." Gordon-Levitt also spoke up a little bit on what he's doing after "Hesher," with "Batman Begins"/"The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan. It was really more of a non-comment, but we'll take what we can get!

"Here's the thing," Gordon-Levitt told MTV. "I cant wait to talk to you about ["Inception"] but I've been very specifically asked not to talk about it. I want to respect [director Chris Nolan's wishes] because I love his movies and I'm so honored and grateful to be working with him." Very mysterious, eh? But wait! There's more!

There's apparently a very specific reason for Nolan's insistence on maintaining the silence for now. "He's got a really specific idea and way he wants people to be presented with this thing," Gordon-Levitt said of the director's plans. You readers may or may not remember, but Nolan first established himself on the Hollywood radar with his smart memory loss thriller "Memento," a film which is all the more effective when the mystery is upheld going into it.

Variety has previously reported that "Inception" is "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind," so it sounds as though we may be in store for a similar sort of head-scratcher.

Regardless, we know that Gordon-Levitt will play a role of some significance within the film. He wouldn't go into any specifics of course, but he offered a sly response to the question of his role's size. "I'm going to be working on it for awhile," he said, laughing.

Are you a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the role of Cobra Commander in "G.I. Joe"? Care to hazard any wild guesses at what we might expect from Nolan's "Inception" based solely on the title?