Tony Scott Won't Talk 'Alien,' But He's Happy To Discuss 'The Warriors'

Tony ScottTony Scott has a lot on his plate at the moment, not the least of which are planned reboots and remakes of the "Alien" and "The Warriors" franchises, respectively. (Don't know the difference? I got you covered.)

Ask Scott about either one of those franchises and he's likely to give you a lip-full or a stone-wall -- just depends on which one he's talking about.

"I'm going to call a time out on that one," Scott told Coming Soon of the "Alien" prequel, a film that's been troubled by conflicting views on who might direct the project. Tony's brother and producer Ridley Scott apparently wants newcomer Carl Rinsch to helm the movie, but Fox wants Ridley -- the original "Alien" helmer -- behind the lens.

"I don't want to get caught in the middle," Scott insisted. "We're in process on that, but I don't have enough information to bring it to this table, but we're going to make it."

Scott was considerably more talkative regarding "The Warriors," a film that the "Pelham 123" director suggested was not a "remake," but a "retooling."

"I'm shooting in present day L.A.," said the filmmaker. "The original, they don't stand up very well. They're great cult movies, but that was very '70s, and I'm doing it around the gang culture in L.A., which is a very fast disappearing culture. They're homogenizing all the looks from the MS-13s to the 18th Streets, the Crips, the Bloods."

In researching the film, Scott said that he spoke with various members of the aforementioned gangs, learning something quite interesting in the process -- they'd like to star in the film.

"I met with all the gang members," Scott said. "And they all said, 'If you get this movie on' -- because 'The Warriors' is their favorite movie -- 'We'll all stand on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, 100,000 gang members for the beginning of the movie and we'll sign a treaty and we'll be there.'"

Aliens and gangbangers aside, Scott's plate is still brimming with projects, including Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels," "Lucky Strike," "Potsdamer Platz" and "Unstoppable."

"They're scripted, they're budgeted, and now I've gotta make them before I die," Scott declared. "I'm getting old."

What do you think Tony Scott's next project should be? Do you like his take on "The Warriors"? When will we learn more about "Alien"?