Neil Marshall Linked To 'Predators' Director Gig, And There Was Much Rejoicing

Neil MarshallIf the general consensus is skepticism regarding the planned (and potentially endangered) "Alien" reboot, then the overall feeling towards "Predators" is markedly more optimistic. For one thing, the sequel/remake/reboot/whatever is in the hands of "Planet Terror" director Robert Rodriguez, who plans to produce the alien epic himself. But it's the latest rumor as to who's directing the feature that has me really excited.

Bloody Disgusting has heard from a "100% reliable source" that "Doomsday" helmer Neil Marshall is "close to signing on" to direct 20th Century Fox's "Predators." The article stresses that Marshall's attachment to the film is not a signed deal, though he's "getting closer" to officially coming aboard.

For me, the notion of pairing Marshall with "Predators" is like discovering the combined effects of chocolate and peanut butter for the first time -- it wasn't an idea that came to mind readily, but the possibilities truly speak for themselves.

In case you're unaware of Marshall's body of work, he is the director of 2005's "The Descent," a cave-bound horror film that one IMDb user described as a "magnificent gore fest." He's also the man responsible for the aforementioned "Doomsday," a post-apocalyptic action movie filled with cannibals, street warriors and "Aliens" inspired marines -- a film where "gore fest" doesn't even begin to describe the proceedings.

Indeed, if Marshall winds up behind the lens on "Predators," you can pretty much kiss your concerns about the film's violence quota goodbye. Even if the movie were to be slapped with a PG-13 rating, there would be an indescribably bloody director's cut waiting in the wings for a Blu-ray/DVD release.

Beyond Marshall's grasp of gut-squirting effects, his ability to create memorable characters is a proven talent as well. In "Doomsday," Rhona Mitray plays the one-eyed soldier Eden Sinclair, a new-age female badass that evokes comparisons to Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor. If anyone can create a worthy new adversary for the Predators to go up against, it's Marshall.

Can you tell that I'm excited by this news? In the name of Dillon's severed arm, I'm really hoping this rumor pans out.

Well, you know what I think about this rumor. What do YOU think about Marshall's potential involvement?

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