'The Hobbit' And 'Frankenstein' News, Straight From Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro hinted at all sorts of goodies when he visited the MTV offices last week. He didn't crack open the vaults in a stunning tell-all, but he did reveal that he's narrowed down his casting choice for "The Hobbit"'s Bilbo Baggins to one actor.

Oh what a difference a few days make. Del Toro, who is spending some time in London before trekking out to New Zealand for the "Hobbit" shoot, sat down with BBC Radio today and dished out some details [via Sci-Fi Squad]. We still don't know who Bilbo will be, but del Toro did offer some revelations concerning "The Hobbit." He also revealed that he's found his "Frankenstein".

The news on "The Hobbit" isn't particularly surprising to anyone who's been paying attention, but it ought to at least set "Lord of the Rings" fans' minds at ease. Del Toro revealed that Ian McKellan, Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving are all confirmed to reprise their roles from Peter Jackson's "Rings" trilogy. Like I said... no shocks, but good to know.

The other big reveal -- which also shouldn't be a huge surprise to those who keep up with del Toro's doings -- is that the monster in "Frankenstein" has been selected: Doug Jones. In fairness, I'm not entirely clear on whether Jones will be Dr. Frankenstein or the monster he creates. BBC's video player wouldn't run for me and Sci-Fi Squad's post doesn't specify; I encourage you all to check out BBC's video for yourself. My only concern is the when for "Frankenstein." Del Toro's "Hobbit" commitment will certainly consume the next several years, and who knows what might come his way after that?

What would you like to see Del Toro do after "The Hobbit" is finished? Do you find any of these new developments particularly exciting?