'Up' Director Reveals Secret Deleted Subplot - And the Egg on Carl's Face

'Up'Pixar has another instant classic on its hands with its latest cartoon offering. As big a fan as you may be -- and as much as you may think you know what’s up with "Up" -- there is a deleted plotline that may surprise you.

When MTV News visited the Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, CA recently we couldn’t help but notice that there were early sketches on the walls of Carl (Ed Asner) -- the 78 year old man who flies his house to South America in "Up." In these pictures we saw, he was constantly holding a giant egg. It wasn’t his breakfast either, but instead the spawn of his rare, hunted bird friend Kevin.

“That was early on,” director Pete Docter explained of a subplot that focused on a fountain of youth. “We had the bird give birth to this egg, and Carl then felt like he needed to take this baby -- it needed tending to, and needed to get home.”

“[Carl needed to] get away from these awful dogs and things,” he said of the character’s unseen adventures protecting the egg.

The egg was designed as another object of desire for his geriatric nemesis Charles Muntz -- an explorer made villainous by his solitude, hellbent on capturing Kevin to prove his legitimacy.

“[The egg] had a larger picture involved with Muntz,” Docter revealed. “Muntz wanted the egg because it was this youth potion that made you grow young.”

As Muntz chased after Kevin’s egg so that he could consume it and make himself youthful, Carl was supposed to be obliviously protecting the youth potion.

“[Muntz] was after the bird and all that; it was really interesting,” Docter explained. “But it kind of got more bizarre… it was an element that we dropped out from the story.”

What do you think of this missing “Up” subplot? Too convoluted, or should Docter and his Pixar peeps have left it in?